Trust in Pennsylvania Hardscaping and Additional Services Experts


 We will work with you to create your dream design. Our team strives to ensure your vision is fulfilled. We use quality materials to ensure your design will last for years to come. 

We will work with you to create a design that is beautiful and functional for your space.  We will work with your budget while giving you quality materials. 


We offer professional Mulching Services to enhance the health and beauty of your landscape. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-quality mulching solutions that promote soil health, prevent weed growth, and retain moisture for your plants.

Mulch is a valuable addition to any landscape, offering numerous benefits:

  1. Moisture Retention: Mulch helps retain soil moisture, reducing watering frequency and ensuring plants stay hydrated during dry periods.

  2. Weed Suppression: Mulch acts as a natural weed barrier, preventing weed growth and minimizing the need for manual weeding.

  3. Soil Health: As mulch breaks down, it adds organic matter to the soil, improving soil structure and fertility for healthier plant growth.

  4. Temperature Regulation: Mulch helps regulate soil temperature, protecting plant roots from extreme heat or cold.

Customized Mulching Solutions: Our team will work closely with you to design a mulching plan that suits the specific needs of your landscape. We offer a variety of mulch materials, including organic options like wood chips, shredded bark, and compost, as well as inorganic options like rubber mulch. To create a customized mulching solution, we will consider plant type, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

Mulching Installation: Our skilled team will efficiently install the mulch, ensuring proper coverage and a uniform depth. We avoid contact with plant stems to prevent potential damage and ensure optimal mulch performance.

Mulching Maintenance: To maintain the benefits of mulch, routine maintenance is crucial. Our team will periodically refresh the mulch layer, ensuring it remains effective in weed suppression and moisture retention.

Parking Lot Painting and Repair

At David’s Landscaping, we offer professional Parking Lot Painting and Repair Services to enhance your parking lots’ safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-quality solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania.

Parking Lot Painting:

Clear and well-marked parking lot lines and symbols ensure smooth traffic flow and maximize parking space utilization. Our skilled team uses high-quality paints and precise measurement techniques to create crisp and durable parking lot markings. Whether you need new line striping or repainting for faded lines, we will ensure your parking lot meets the highest standards.

ADA Compliance:

We understand the importance of ADA compliance for parking lots. Our team will ensure that handicapped parking spaces, access aisles, and other required markings are correctly installed and meet ADA accessibility guidelines. We are committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all users of your parking facility.

Parking Lot Repair:

Over time, parking lots can develop cracks, potholes, and other forms of wear and tear. Our parking lot repair services address these issues promptly and effectively. We use professional-grade materials to patch and seal cracks, resurface damaged areas, and prevent further deterioration.